Order Fulfillment
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As a leading eCommerce fulfillment company for over 25 years, Specialty Fulfillment Center (SFC) often work with startup merchants that are new to order fulfillment, and occasionally aren’t too familiar with what it is or how exactly it works.

So we wanted to create a post that answers the basic question, “What is Order Fulfillment?,” starting with two brief definitions:

Order fulfillment is defined as the steps involved in receiving, processing and delivering orders to end customers.

A fulfillment service is defined as a third-party company that provides these order fulfillment steps on behalf of another party, such as an online seller.

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Easy Drop Shipping


*Online Web Based Order Processing and Inventory Management

*Login to Specialty Fulfillment Center EasyOrder – secure management site

*View order process

*Check inventory levels

*Complete reporting available

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Product Kitting/
Post Production Kitting

Our warehouse kitting and assembly services allow you to:

*Reduce inventoryby storing component products and finalizing product kits just before delivery.

*Respond quickly and economicallyto increased retailer demand for custom packs.

*Fulfill individual consumer orders, such as bundling specified peripherals with a new computer purchase.

The Pick and Ship Value For Warehouse Kitting and Assembly

*State-of-the-art systems– Our advanced fulfillment capabilities help you manage inventory throughout the kitting cycle, from individual components to creation of new SKUs.

*Efficiency and accuracy– Our engineering team maps efficient kitting processes and builds in quality checks to ensure the accuracy of final kits.

*Flexible staffing– Our labor solutions help you economically manage activity spikes and meet last-minute requests.
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One of the key elements to your success relies on the quality of relationship that you build with your customers. The better you get to know and understand your customers’ needs, the more efficient you will be at offering ongoing support and increase your customer retention. At the same time, this will be of great benefit to elaborate better strategies that will help you convert potential prospects into customers.

In order to help you achieve this level of interaction with your customers, Lime Light CRM offers you a very user-friendly interface that allows you to easily access your customer database and search through their order history.

The orders are highly organized in different tabs based on their status, and the system allows you to securely update their records, apply any necessary actions to their existing orders and also take care of any future inquiries that they may have, as well as it allows you to upsell them at any time.

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The Complete Economical

SFC has discounted shipping rates - these pass directly though to you. Not retained by the fulfillment center. With this supplement fulfillment service, all you have to do is market your product and collect money from the customers. We take care of the rest.

*One business day shipping. All orders are shipped within one business day.

*Confirmation of order shipments. Customer can receive an email confirmation when their order is shipped.

*Auto-refill - Supplements. Automatically ship your customer’s refills on any schedule you select.

*Inventory management. Mange your inventory in real time.

*Assembly, kitting, and bagging. Properly prep your goods before they are shipped.

*Returns. Let us handle your returns. We will develop a program to meet your criteria. Simplify your reporting back to you.

*International Shipping. We ship international everyday. Several programs are available from USPS to UPS and FedEx.

*Spiked - Large Volume Projects. SFC can coordinate with most Infomercial processes and order management systems. We are experienced in large volume SKU projects

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One thing that sets us apart from 99% of other fulfillment and shipping companies is we have our IT team in house. They are employees. We do not outsource our IT. We do everything in house for quicker response times and so we can develop solutions for your company cheaper and quicker.

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